Our company

When expertise is pronounced with a south west french accent

Created in 2004, Dewitte Wired was born from the desire to equip guitarists with a gear adapted to their real needs. By working alongside professional musicians and enlightened amateurs, Dewitte Wired has developed its range of tube, cabinet and preamplifier/pedal amps to meet their expectations : efficiency and ease of use. Design, quality and manufacturing ethics are at the heart of the reflections in order to offer musicians a solid and dynamic sound backbone that promotes their very own expression.

Dewitte Wired focus on a direct approach to sound through reactive and dynamic tube amps but also pedal-style preamps in order to accurately reflect the musician’s attack on his instrument. The unique design developed by Dewitte Wired uses moulding and bending techniques on local woods such as beech, walnut and oak. Cabinetwork is made in our Toulouse workshop from selected woods and clean glues.

The stylistic approach combines cabinetwork and acrylate sheets engraved and laser-cut. A combination of modern and noble materials delivers a visual that matches the proposed sound.

We believe in pleasing the ear as much as the eye.

The frames of Dewitte Wired amps are made of stainless steel, laser-cut and machine-folded by a local partner specialized in sheet metal forming.

The pedal housings are made by an Airbus subcontractor from solid aluminium blocks, using CNC machines. Waste is recovered and reprocessed to give it a second life. Anodizing processes are used for the finishing of various Dewitte Wired products as well as CO2 and Fiber laser techniques for engraving and marking.

Development and electronic assemblies use the brand’s shop know-how but also the best modern manufacturing techniques to ensure durability and outstanding sound quality. The construction processes used by Dewitte Wired are the result of a joint reflection with partners specialized in the computer engineering for operating rooms and motorcycle counters.


The sourcing of components allows the use of the best in electronics and mechanics :

  • Resistance 0.6w 5% metal film
  • WIMA or Panasonic audio capabilities
  • Alpha Potentiometers
  • Switchcraft jacks subbases
  • Subbases Lumberg power supply

Designed, developed and produced locally, Dewitte Wired is a company that places ethics and quality at the heart of its thinking and range of materials.