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    Dewitte Wired has developed the Bird’s Cage for musicians who want to have the warm sound of lamps from a low volume with a weight of less than 7 kg and in a compact format. This 5/10 watt Single Ended is in the vein of the “Field”. Easy to use and dynamic are on the agenda. It is the ideal partner to welcome your pedalboard in “front” (Input). The Bird’s Cage offers you a complete equalization on the front panel: Bass, Mids and Highs as well as Gain and Volume. In addition, you can use the supply voltage of the Hi.V (400 Volts) and Lo.V (340 Volts) lamps to obtain a more or less pronounced and compressed distortion in the case of low voltage. The rear panel gives you access to 4 or 8 ohms speaker outputs as well as a pentode or triode mode switch which will play on the overall power of the Bird’s Cage but also its overall tone. The full sound of the lamps will accompany you at home, in the studio or even on stage.
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    0 Starting 1800 euros TTC

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    Technical Specifications

    Power: 5/10Watts.

    Controls: Flight, Gain, Bass, Mids, Highs, HiV, LoV, Mode.

    Connectors: INPUT & OUTPUT Switchcraft.

    Output Impedance: 4 or 8 Ohms.

    Power supply: 230V AC per IEC

    Mains fuse: 1 A time delay 5x20mm.

    High voltage fuse: 500mA timed 5x20mm.

    Weight and height :

    • Height: 22 cm.
    • Width: 32 cm.
    • Depth: 24.5cm (with feet).
    • Weight: 6,8 Kg

    Cabinet making: Walnut and curved beech.

    Frame and fittings: Aluminium and stainless steel.

    Origin: Toulouse – France.

    To Go Further

    As with all our range of speaker and pedal amplifiers, we were keen to combine design and robustness.

    The Birds Cage’s curved cabinetry, combined with modern materials such as laser cut and engraved acrylates, makes it a visually unique amplifier.

    We prefer walnut and beech for our products: local and eco-friendly woods

    Our chassis but also various fittings such as the feet are made to measure for the Bird’s Cage by regional subcontractors specialized in the shaping of aluminium and stainless steel.

    Its light weight of less than 7 kilos and its lunch box dimensions make it easy to transport (Height: 22cm, Width: 32cm, Depth: 24.5cm)

    Bird’s Cage is built around Mercury input and output transformers and carefully selected components.

    Our components are mounted on Turret Board and our circuits are 100% hand wired.

    We work with 6L6 power lamps and 12AX7 pre-amplification lamps to obtain this sound so characteristic of American amps.

    Gain: controls the output level of the first gain stage before attacking the second.

    Volume: controls the output level of the second gain stage before driving the power stage.

    Bass, Miss, Highs: are interactive with each other and control the tone.

    HiV and LoV: HiV supplies the lamps with 400V and LoV with 340V, which allows more compression and a more pronounced saturation. The difference is all the more audible when you play loudly.

    Mode: allows you to switch from a pentode mode to a triode mode and thus to attenuate the overall power but also to play on the tone of the Bird’s Cage.